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Relation to the work programme

The Strategic Research Cluster, initiated in 2014 by the EC and being steered by the PERASPERA grant Programme Support Activity (PSA), aims at advancing key space robotic technologies for future on-orbit satellite servicing and for planetary surface exploration. The roadmap that has been proposed by the PERASPERA PSA has identified 6 building blocks that will be the base of future space robotics missions. These building blocks have been defined for their implementation through H2020 operational grants (OG) from 2016.



OG 1. Space Robot Control Operating System;

OG 2. Autonomy Framework Time/Space/Resources planning and scheduling

OG 3. Common Data Fusion Framework

OG 4. Inspection Sensor Suite

OG 5. Modular Interfaces for Robotic handling of payloads

OG 6. Validation Platforms and Test Fields



This project answers to the building block “a” (Space Robot Control Operating System or G1) of the topic “SRC – Space Robotic Technologies”. In this context, its aim is to realise an open source space robot control operating system (RCOS) that can provide adequate features and performance with space-grade Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) properties.

In order to maximize the combined effort of all the SRC operational grants, it is therefore crucial that ESROCOS proactively helps, from the very beginning, the coherence among all the technological developments that will be carried out in the frame of the space robotics SRC. This will be done by agreeing common demonstration scenarios (for satellites orbital servicing and planetary surface exploration), as well as defining and agreeing shared interfaces.