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ESROCOS will last 27 months

The project milestones are depicted in table here below.


MilestoneAcronym Milestone Name Related Work Package(s) EstimatedDate Location

Means of Verification

MS-1 KOM Kick-Off Meeting WP  7000 T0 GMV Project started
MS-2 PM1 Progress Meeting 1 WP  1000 T0+2m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-3 SRR System Requirements review and ICD Workshop WP  1000 TO+3m GMV SRR and ICD workshop held. Delivered SRR Doc.
MS-4 PM2 Progress Meeting 2 WP  2000 T0+6m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-5 PDR Preliminary design review and ICD check-out WP  2000 TO+9m OG6 PDR and ICD workshop held. Preliminary Design delivered.
MS-6 PM3 Progress Meeting 3 WP  3000 T0+12m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-7 CDR Critical Design Review WP  3000 T0+15m GMV CDR held. Detailed Design and identified Prototypes delivered.
MS-8 PM4 Progress Meeting 4 WP  4000 T0+19m Telco MoM with progress status
MS-9 TRR Test Readiness Review WP  4000 T0+22m GMV TRR held. ESROCOS system level test successful. Ready for field test.
MS-10 FA Final Acceptance WP  5000 T0+24m GMV FA meeting held. ESROCOS accepted.
Note: will finally be held together with FRM.
MS-11 FRM Final Review Meeting WP  7000 T0+27m GMV Test results validated. Final report delivered.

List of milestones.