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On July 5 th GMV hosted the Preliminary Design Review for the ESROCOS project.

GMV Spain coordinated the meeting with the participation of GMV Portugal and eight partner companies and institutions across Europe (DFKI, VTT, ISAE, Intermodalics, DLR, Airbus DS, KU Leuven and Université Grenoble-Alps).

The objective of the PDR is to consolidate the requirements and design of the software, and to authorise the start of the detailed design and implementation phase. A second milestone was also held on the 11th of July in Madrid, to perform a review of the Interfaces with respect to the other robotic projects, that are being developed in parallel (the so-called “operational grants” or OG,s., each of them aimed to tackle a specific need for robotics – robotic operating system – OG1, autonomy – O2, sensor data fusion – OG3, sensoring data capture – OG4, hardware interfaces – OG5 and facilities – OG6 ). The fact that GMV is actually leading three of these robotic projects (OG1, OG2 and OG6) brought to GMV facilities in Madrid a wide set of experts in robotics from all over Europe.