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ESROCOS comes to the end of the project with a triple validation

After 27 months of work, ESROCOS is coming to the end of the project.

The main objective of the ESROCOS project, that now finishes, was to build an open-source framework for software development of robot control applications for space and other critical domains that are very demanding in terms of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS).

The ESROCOS framework has been validated in three reference scenarios: in-orbit servicing of a satellite, planetary exploration with a rover, and a service robot for a nuclear reactor. The testing activities in the three facilities have been successfully completed according to the test plan.

ESROCOS has developed new modelling technologies to support the construction of reliable and safe robotics control software targeting space avionics platforms. It integrates commonly-used robotics tools with innovative modelling and software technologies, and provides a path to evolve robotics developments from the laboratory to the field.

The ESROCOS software is open-source and is designed to facilitate usage and contributions by the space robotics community.

On January 30, ESROCOS held its Final Presentation at GMV premises, where REA, PSA and all the partners of the consortium reviewed all the projects results, the advances w.r.t state of the art, the tests and the conclusions.

The ESROCOS framework will be reused in several projects of the second phase of PERASPERA project……so the ERGO story doesn´t end, it is to be continued….